How tight calf muscle causes back pain

If you’ve ever wondered why we’re interested in your feet and ankles when you come to us with low back pain then here’s just one explanation.

09 March 2016
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  • 17 May 2016

    Calf stretch

    In the last post I explained how tight calf muscle, or reduced ankle dorsiflexion, can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Here I show you how you can stretch your calf in all three planes of motion, which is necessary... Read more
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    A shoulder problem that started at the foot

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    Sun’s Out Guns Out

    Flexing in front of the mirror actually makes your biceps bigger!!!  Well maybe.  A study just out showed that focusing on the targeted muscle/movement during weight-training (watching oneself in the mirror might fall into that category) increased arm circumference by 12.6%  (internal focus)... Read more